Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Reading: The 30-Second Commute

I've been reading "The 30-Second Commute", by Toronto writer critic and culture writer Stephanie Dickison (Writerscramp, The Knack, PanMagazine) . It's an overview of the daily life of a freelance writer and although Dickison writes non-fiction and articles for countless magazines and on-line publications and I write for television, her vision of a day spent trying to keep all your writing, research, follow-up, invoicing, pitching and deadline plates spinning rings universally true.

It's a gentle, funny read and a nice compliment to Michelle Goodman's "My So-Called Freelance Life", which has valuable, no-nonsense advice for anyone considering jumping free of the 9 to 5 for the grind of the 24-7.

Michelle tells you how to survive and Stephanie will help you understand how you'll feel in funny, gentle way.

Read those before you take the plunge so you can do it with your eyes wide open.

Live the adventure.