Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Man Behind the Kid and the Kat - Interview with Kid vs Kat Creator Rob Boutilier

Storyboard artist Karen J. Lloyd's most excellent blog about the nuts and bolts of storyboarding is currently running a series of shameless plugs for Studio B's Kid vs Kat, the series I co-story-edited last year.

The show's a delightful throwback in terms of simple, funny chase concepts and has a lot of modern character touches that I like. Most importantly, it's not like anything else that's out there and seems to be striking a chord with broadcasters and audiences alike.

It makes me all smiley to see our hard work pay off.

I may have some comments at a later date; filling in the blanks or elaborating on some of what comes up. But it's a great, informative series of posts so far.

Check out Karen's Intro to the series in Part One here.

And Part Two of her interview with creator Rob ‘Boots’ Boutilier can be seen here.

The Third and final Part can be seen here.

Where can you see it?

In Canada Kid vs Kat is on YTV, Saturdays at 8:30am, then 6 and 6:30pm (check local listings). I've also seen it on a weekday morning here and there. Check for local listings.

It’s also currently airing on ABC in Australia and will be part of ToonDisney's relaunch this month as DisneyXD on Feb. 13th. Then it starts it's regualr run on Saturday, Feb, 21st.

The series then premieres on Jetix Europe and soon even China will have it apparently! Conquering the youth of the world one TV set at a time.

Live the adventure.